Thursday, August 23, 2007

One day, I will own a ball winder...

So I am currently winding my skein of lace weight cashmere from Hipknits Project Club into a ball... by hand. Please remember, I have never knitted lace before, so have never had the need to wind lace weight yarn. OMG what a Nightmare. I am not the most patient of people, particularly with pesky tasks like winding yarn into balls, knitting swatches etc, I just want to get on with the casting on and joyful knitting of the project already! I spent about 3 hours winding the night before last, and am not even half way through yet! Granted, I was a little distracted by the fabulous Grey's Anatomy which I was catching up on, but I reckon I have another couple of nights winding left yet. I also managed to snap the yarn at one point, when it got into a knot (the kind where there is a small loop with a tight knot). Because it is lace weight, I just could not loosen the knot at all, and the yarn snapped with my attempts. Oh well, will just mean I need to weave in an end.

I also cheated a little today, and looked at the spoilers on other people's blogs for the new Rockin Sock Club kit. It is GORGEOUS! I will SO post pics when mine finally arrives, but just fabulous! How do you do it Blue Moon ladies? Another great pattern and totally drooly skein of yarn! Yippee! Should be here soon... *fingers crossed*

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