Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finished Solstice Slip, just in time!

So with August's Rockin Sock Club kit on its way, I have finished the last kit, Solstice Slip, just in time! I really enjoyed knitting these, the pattern was an easy 4-row repeat, and was just a relaxing and almost therapeutic knit. Funny thing though, on both socks I loved knitting up until the leg (they were knit toe up), then got really bored on the leg, and it took me ages to finish, for both socks! But now they are done, I just love them! The toe and heel are both garter stitch, and look great.
Little dumpling loves them too:

I am currently waiting for kit 4 to arrive. Our first kit was "Inside Out" sock, as the cables on this sock make it reversible, with a different look on each side. You can wear them however you prefer! I love that. Funny thing though, one did this great striping, the other one pooled. My husband thinks it looks weird (he is really one for symmetry and traditional looks), whereas I love it. It really adds to the hand knit feel of the socks. These were knit in medium weight yarn, which makes them a little too heavy to wear in shoes, but are actually my most favourite to wear, really comfy and warm. Oh how I love Rockin Sock yarn!!

The second kit was a beautiful skein of Silkie yarn, absolutely gorgeous! This isn't the pattern that we got with the kit. I loved the look of it, but when I started, I got about 2 inches after the toe (again, toe-up socks), and realised that they just weren't for me. I used the heel from that pattern though, and made up the rest. I am quite pleased with them, and would definitely use Silkie from BMFA again.

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Curly Cable said...

Hi Just came across your blog, through the STR. Just wanted to say the socks you've made with the kits look fabulous, I've just started using the second kit, but a different pattern to Grasshopper, so I'm well behind,;)
Your little boy looks cute using the Solistice Socks as gloves lol!