Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally, get to "Eat my Greens"!

Yippee, my beautiful yarn from Hipknits Project Club has arrived! It is kit one, and is a gorgeous skein of Cashmere, in "Eat Your Greens" Colourway. The great thing about the club is that we get to choose the colour yarn we want for each project.

It will be a lace shawl, which from other pics I have seen looks gorgeous. I have only done a small amount of lace in socks before, so am virtually brand new to it, and will admit to being a little intimidated, but excited to get started.
This yarn has been a long time coming, the original one went missing in the post! So Kerrie from Hipknits kindly put another skein in the post for me *phew*.
I think they are also putting the kits up for sale on the Hipknits site, shortly after each kit is sent to members. So if anyone is interested in buying a kit for themselves, it should be available soon.

My 2 year old seems to like it as well. Here he is having a squish of it:

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