Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flower Power!

It is finally here! My August kit from Rockin Sock Club! It is called "Flower Power", and is a lightweight 100% Superwash Merino. The colours are really vibrant, with fuschia, turquoise, brown and greys. Beautiful. See the mini-skein in the middle? That is a super-cute keyring skein we get with each kit.

My camera doesn't do the colours justice- they are actually far more vibrant, and really complement each other. This kit is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of 1967 - the "Summer of Love". Flower Power does it justice!

See the cute treat we got in this months kit: tattoos! A flower power chain and a moon:

The pattern is called "Summer of Love Lace", and is by the very talented JC Briar. It has a lace cuff, and is very feminine. I love that each pattern from RSC is so different from the others. You really get to try new techniques and looks, which for me is the whole point in a club. It does mean not every pattern or colour-scheme will necessarily ring your bell, but I love the surprise!

The pair at front left is knit in Flower Power.

So hopefully I will get the skein wound into a ball tonight, and maybe even get to cast on! *fingers crossed*


Curly Cable said...

My kit arrived yesterday, I love the vibrant colours in the skein, but can't make my mind up whether to use The summer of love pattern or do something else, decisions decisions. Have fun with your kit, look forward to seeing progress pictures soon

Andi said...

Drop me a note when you get to Phoenix...I'd be happy to play tour-guide!

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