Friday, February 1, 2008


I went to Borders yesterday. As always I checked out the knitting books, even though I already have any that interest me. Yesterday was an exception however. There were a couple of new books that caught my eye, but this one in particular I simply could not put down. It was actually so irresistible that although I had a 40% off coupon at home and the store is only down the road, I could not possibly wait. I had to buy it there and then!It is called Intertwined, and is by Lexi Boeger, aka pluckyfluff. What a fantastic book! Essentially it discusses methods and includes some patterns for spinning and then knitting/crocheting with "art yarns". It is more than a "here is a pattern, go follow it and create this item" book though. It is a real source of inspiration, and honestly has made me look at spinning in a whole new way (although I got the book yesterday, I read the whole thing as soon as I got in last night. I could not put it down!). It is not a read it once and you're done book either. The book itself is so beautiful, just looking through at the pictures is inspiring!

I went onto pluckyfluff's site for the first time this morning, and read about a challenge that is running until next week see here. The challenge has been organised in the theme of "circling the wagons", as all yarns entered are being donated by their creator to be auctioned off. The money raised will go to Holly of, who has some medical issues to deal with at the moment, and I gather could really do with the extra cash. Again, I only discovered Holly's site this morning, but I am definitely going to contribute. Every little skein helps, right. Which is why everyone should try to contribute something. Details of the challenge are on the yarn museum website here. All entries have to be in by Sat Feb 9th.

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