Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let RSC 2008 commence...

and wowee, Tina has truly done it again!

Honestly, I was aware that the first package of the 2008 Rockin Sock Club would be sent out in January, but I have been so busy spinning (with a few knitting projects on the side :) ) that I just haven't even been thinking about when it would get here. So I was surprised to find it in my mailbox just now!

It is truly truly scrumptiously gorgeous! Colorway is "dragon dance" (printed on the inside of the ballband is my dragon's name: Norbert!!! I love it!!!!) The colors are red and burgundy and pink:

I know I say it with every RSC package, but "this may be my absolute favourite color!!!"

The pattern is "Serendipity" by Adrian Fong :The intro to the pattern reads:
Take a simple lace stitch,
and a handpainted yarn
Sometimes, magic happens.
It's "Serendipity!"

We also got our usual mini-keychain skein of yarn. We also got 2 fantabulous badges (if you're English like me) or buttons (if you're American).

The pic below shows the badges again with a bumper sticker we received:

I should really finish some projects before starting this one, but I just can't wait!!! I shall be casting these babies on immediately!

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