Saturday, February 9, 2008

Circling the wagons

OK, so I have already explained the concept behind this yarn museum challenge here.

This is my entry to the challenge below:

It is 50% Corriedale, 50% Masham, 99yds approx with 7wpi.

The concept behind circling the wagons is protection. I therefore knew I wanted to heavily feature the color white, which is generally regarded as the most powerful and protective of colors, and that I wanted the yarn to be warm, soft and squishy. I am new to spinning, and only discovered Pluckyfluff and Holly's blogs this week after buying Pluckyfluff's new book "Intertwined". I was struck in Holly's blog by the beauty of her beach photos. It is obvious that the beach not only brings her inspiration in her work, but is also very special to her. In honor of this I dyed aqua ocean colors to ply with the white.

Have a look at all of the other BEAUTIFUL yarns in the challenge here. I was just so impressed by the colors and textures, just so beautiful. Actually, I have to admit that I saw some of them before I entered mine, and nearly didn't email the details off as I felt mine was so inferior to theirs. But then I remembered that we are doing this to raise some money, gave myself a slap and sent my email!

If you see one you particularly like, then please go and buy or bid here! Remember that all of the yarns are donated by the spinner. They were spun with love and the hope that we can raise some cash for Holly.

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