Monday, February 18, 2008

Brights Thick n thin spun

I got this beautiful fiber from splitrockranch on etsy. It was a gorgeous 2oz batt of 80% wool and 20% bamboo. The colors are far more vibrant than they appear in these photos, with red, green, yellow, blue. It just reminded me of a circus, so bright and wild! I decided it needed to be spun thick & thin to keep that vibrant nature. It looks gorgeous spun, and the texture of the tick & thin works really well with the colors.

I also got another 2 batts, and joined her 3 month roving club so I receive 4oz of fiber from Brenda for 3 months. How exciting! I am thrilled with all of the fiber I have received, they are all truly works of art, just gorgeous. I highly suggest checking out Brenda's site splitrockranch on etsy. She obviously loves what she does, and to top it off, is a really nice person (which I think is always a bonus! I had a few questions when I bought the batts, and she responded immediately sorting everything out for me. Great customer service counts for a lot.

I will post some more pics of the other fibers later. I am currently spinning a gorgeous wool/bamboo/tencel batt from her. Maybe socks? Who knows!

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