Thursday, September 13, 2007

Embers roving

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a total newbie to spinning. I have so far only spun some of the Shetland roving which I bought to practice on. I recently received an email from Natalie at the Yarn Yard saying that she was updating stock. I decided to treat myself to some pretty roving, and fell in love with some BFL in the "embers" colourway:

It is my first purchase from the Yarn Yard, and I am over the moon. She is based in Scotland, and does some beautiful work. I was at a Stitch N'Bitch last night, and there was a lady there knitting socks from Yarn Yard yarn. She is a member of their sock club, and it was the latest colourway in pinks and yellows. Really nice.
Will try to get some spun up and a picture posted. Am a bit nervous that I am gonna make a big mess of it seeing as I am such a novice, but at the same time can't wait to get on making some pretty yarn!

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P said...

The roving is beautiful, and you will learn as you go. I am only slightly ahead of you in learning to spin. When I started, I ordered several different bits of roving off of the internet, and one or two were not color-true when I got them -- not exactly what I expected. So I picked out my least favorite to start with!! I figured that if I messed it up, it wouldn't hurt as much! Good luck -- and enjoy!