Monday, November 19, 2007

Aspen spun...

I recently spun up my September fiber from Spunky Eclectic club. It is a beautiful Merino Tencel fiber in "Aspen" colorway. I spun it on my new drop spindle, and had so much fun with it! It was just gorgeous to work with, and the colours are amazing! The tencel gives it the most beautiful shine! This isn't the greatest picture to show off the colors, but here it is as a single:

As I don't own a wheel yet, my only option for plying is using my drop spindle. I really would have liked to ply it with itself, but I decided I wouldn't have enough yards, and as I was using the spindle it would be a lot easier to ply with another yarn. I therefore decided to ply it with some Rowan 100% Alpaca that I already had. The alpaca is the larger ball underneath the Aspen:

I have already plied and used the yarn to make a cowl, which I LOVE! Not sure how much use I will have for a cowl in Arizona though :) I haven't taken pics yet. I will take some soon and get them uploaded. Things are pretty hectic still (hence I haven't really posted since before we moved!) but hopefully we will start getting more settled soon...

I also recently received Octobers fiber from Spunky:

It is called "Goblin Eyes" and is Romney. The purple is less blue and more deep purple than it appears in the picture, but other than that the colors are pretty true. Haven't started spinning this one up yet, but the pictures from others on the Spunky club site look gorgeous!

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